Sunday, October 5, 2008

Visideon - “Ghost” single

The warmth of Kat’s soft soulful voice floating above a mellow classically orientated piano line leads off this song of gratifying contrasts. All in all, ascending and descending spirals of balladic melody interweave with morose metallic crunch, Kat’s serenading narrative counterpointed by periodic death-rasp phonations. A unique spectrum of style maybe but it works and works well. I picked up this CD-single free at the 2008 Flight of the Valkyries festival and after the first listen I regretted not purchasing Dark Angel, their debut album (damn budget); which was also available at the FOTV where they performed with considerable metallic finese (click link above to find documentary photographic evidence of said performance). Dark Angel is available for $10 on their website.

Band Line up:
Justy Kastanos - drums, backup vox
Aaron Hahn - guitar, backup vox
Katrina Litz - vocals and keyboards
Andy Bosscher - bass