Sunday, March 1, 2009

Black Trip - Firewind

I have to admit I’m a bit letdown. This three songer was co-produced with ex-Manowar, current Holy Hell drummer Rhino so I guess I expected more. Now the problems here aren’t Rhino’s fault of course, nor is it lack of talent. It is, however, lack of imagination in lyrics, presentation and style.

Nothing is delivered here that you can’t get from any other of the power/death metal albums already in your collection. Other than the guitar solos nothing says, "hey, look at me." This isn’t to say that Firewind isn’t worth your time, it’s just not as exciting or intresting as all the bands who have done this before and done it better. The lyrics are in the vein of Manowar, yet Blacktrip fail to manifest charisma levels anywhere near Manowar to pull it off. They are striving to be epic (a respectable noble effort to be sure), but the end result comes across as superficial and naive; and that is why listeners are not going to be convinced.

Black Trip need to find a new songwriting angle (or angles), write better lyrics and find a better vocalist before they are ready to take the world by storm and compete with all the other bands who are doing the exact same thing.

This review is a bit harsh, but I look forward to hearing what progress Black Trip makes in the future; as despite their current shortcomings they do have the potential for true metal greatness. They just need to heed the aforementioned suggestions, gain some more life experience, throw out the ‘paint-by-number subconscious templates’ and play from their hearts.

Schmitt Stash - 3 Song Sampler

I picked up this cd demo sampler at Mayo Park during the 2008 Blue Oyster Cult outdoor concert that these guys opened up for. Basically, it’s damn good 70’s influenced rock from some Rochester, MN highschoolers. Yes, 70’s based rock from teenagers!!! Hear it for yourself at: