Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dread Veil - Beyond Control EP

You look to the left, you look to the right. You turn around and look behind you sure that something is watching. Something is. Only your inside it. Swallowed whole when you pressed the play button on your compact disc player, you no longer are where you were and there’s no going back.

You’ve left the reality of the mundane world in a flash of bluish gray smoke and a sentient purple mist has infiltrated your awareness. Almost immediately you sense the power here is as old as time. In fact, it is the power to make, change or undo reality. It is the power of all powers. And it is Metal.

As your mind digests this newfound intuition you soon realize that your not alone. Gruff lyrical thoughts reverberate throughout the surreal soundscape bringing various matters of concern to your attention as you begin to walk this shifting and barbed melodic path. There is no need to wonder where these words of introspective observation come from; just listen and take heed as you traverse the five tracks of mosh-worthy knowledge.

Walk. Run. Stand still. It doesn’t matter; the elaborate gothic vista of moody metal that surrounds you moves at it’s own pace in accordance to it’s own iron will. Lurking riffs shuffle quickly along occasionally springing out at you with tidings to headbang to. And bang your head you do. You don’t dare not to.

Gazing upwards, you scout out riffs rising up from the Valley of Occulted Lows and watch them as they ascend yet even higher - up into the Mountains of Melodic Mystery where delicate self-aware melodies are just as dangerous as they are beautiful. Totally awed, you continue to view the elaborate dance of dark and light in all its brutal glory. Your only regret is that, like all journeys, this one must end. However, you smile to yourself when you realize you can press the play button on your CD player all over again.

When all is said and done, your friends won’t know what bechanced you. Let them be enraptured in curiousness. For soon, they will hear about this Beyond Control EP themselves and gladly pitch-fork over their hard-worked earnings for it. Then they can take their own odyssey into the welcoming abyss of the shrouded atmospheric thunderdoom that is Dread Veil.

Track List
1. Syndrome
2. Deceiver Betrayer
3. October Falls
4. Defiance
5. Beyond Control

Current Lineup
Joe Waller - guitar, vocals
Chelsi Igel - keyboards
Jason Hickman - vocals
Charles Tune - bass
Shawn Grim - drums

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