Thursday, May 15, 2008

Schizopathic - Demo Volume 1

I’m biased. I’ve known most of these guys for awhile and have even jammed with Scott, Cole and Garth at open jams. That said, I really dig their debut 4 song demo. Angry riffs combine with stinging leads, a driving rhythm section and Schizoholic vocalizations to give you a case of headbanging Schizopathic glee. Can’t wait to hear "Psycho Trip" and "False Glory," two of my favorite Schizo songs, on a recording.

Since this blurb of a review was originally published, Schizopathic have released their album Grain of Sanity and won the first round in the Gorilla Battle of the Bands. See photo review of a fairly recent Schizopathic show here. The photo above features Garth Lee on the left and Mike Liebenow on the right playing at the House of Rock in Eau Claire.

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